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Welcome to Floatzone,
the first commercial floatation centre in Northland.

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What is Floatation?

It’s one of the easiest, most relaxing and beneficial things you can do for your well-being. It involves lying in a specially designed pod that is filled with 30cm deep body-temperature water for an hour. The water is super-saturated with Epsom Salts, which makes the water more buoyant than the Dead Sea, ensuring that you will float effortlessly.

Floating is also known as REST – Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy. The Float Pod is designed to restrict light and sound, meaning your body and mind can switch off completely from day to day life stresses. It is the optimum environment for the body and mind to relax and revitalise. You can choose to have a light on or listen to your own music too if that is what you would prefer.



Each session in the pod lasts an hour, though you will be at Floatzone for about 1.5 hours altogether. Our normal opening hours are 8am till late. To book, just go to the bookings page and pick a time that suits, or give us a call and we’ll arrange a time for you.


We are located in Maunu, Whangarei, just a few minutes from the town centre, in a quiet street with lots of on-site parking.


Anyone and everyone can float (although, as with any new experience, it may not appeal to all people, and there are a few restrictions). Floating is enjoyed by people who are experiencing anxiety or stress; people who play sports or do physical training and want to speed up recovery and achieve optimum results; people with pain; people who need to learn or be creative, and people who simply want an hour to switch off from the hustle and bustle of life and experience the ultimate in peace, quiet and relaxed mindfulness.


You lie in the water for an hour and do … absolutely nothing! You will experience a high state of relaxation that has many proven benefits, such as – reducing stress and anxiety; reducing pain, insomnia and jetlag; speeding up healing; enhancing creativity, focus and general well-being.

Instead of ‘just’ relaxing, some people (particularly sportsmen and women, business people, students and creatives) choose to use floating as an active tool by repeating mantras, listening to educational programmes or using visualization techniques. When you are so deeply relaxed, the mind becomes highly suggestible and can assimilate great amounts of information.

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Floating is no new-age mumbo jumbo fad. Its benefits have been researched and documented. But don’t take our word for it – get in touch with us and book in for the ultimate relaxing experience.

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